The New Perodua Alza 2022

Alza 2022 With New Looks

The new Perodua Alza received more than 30,000 reservations since the orders were opened on June 23, the largest amount of reservations for a perodua car in the first month of reserves.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yakob, who launched the last model here on Wednesday (July 20), said the new perodua rise was an achievement for the local automobile manufacturer.

“The impact of the development of the country’s automotive industry can be seen through the economic activities generated, such as the creation of job opportunities, the improvement of technical skills, technology transfer and reduction of companies dependence on foreigners

“In addition, national automotive companies are also responsible for developing industry through investment and, at the same time, they strive to improve the capacities of local companies from quality aspects, technology and productivity.

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“In fact, Perodua has also demonstrated its continuous commitment to the local automotive sector with purchases of automotive components of RM7Bil on average annually,” he said in his speech.

Meanwhile, the president and executive director of Perodua, Datuk Zainal Abidin Ahmad, said the achievement of it was attributed to customers who wish to take advantage of the exemption of sales tax that expired on June 30.

He said that during the 200,000 reservations they currently have, almost 15% is for the full model of rise.

Zainal added that almost 4,000 clients turned their reasons for thug in the new version even before the reservations were opened.

“As of today, some of our customers will receive their new but yze of authorized sales throughout the country.

“We also ensure that our customers who reserved their completely new rise on June 30 will receive their vehicles before the deadline of March 31, 2023,” he said.

On the development of the new perodua rise, Zainal said they have invested RM770mil to develop the model since April 2018.

The new rise has an official price of RM62,500 for variant X, RM68,000 for variant H and RM75,500 for the AV variant (prices in western Malaysia, with sales tax and without insurance).

For those who reserved their completely new rise on June 30 or before and receive the unit on March 31 or before, 2023 will enjoy lower prices as they qualify for exemption.

The new perodua rise was developed jointly under the new global architecture of Daihatsu (Dnga), where the designers and engineers of Malaysia worked with their counterpart within Daihatsu Motor Co. of Japan.

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It is the second model developed under DGNA after Perodua Ativa, which was introduced in March 2021.

Present at the launch were the president of Daihatsu Motor CO, Soichiro Okudaira, and the president of Perodua, so Sri Asmat Kamaludin